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Olof Peter Anderson was born in 1797 in Västergötland. At an early age he moved to Gothenburg where he over the years became a leading business profile, both as a ship owner, the owner of a liquor factory, and as a member of the City Council.

When Olof Peter’s son, Carl August took over the firm, the liquor factory became more important. For the Gothenburg Exhibition in 1891 he created the famous aquavit and named it after his father. O.P. Anderson is the oldest aquavit of Sweden.

The classic seasoning has inspired and set the standard for many of today’s aquavits (Skåne, Gammal Norrland, etc) and it has won several gold medals in the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition. Spices: Caraway, anise and fennel, the classic aquavit spices.

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Today we drink aquavit both as a tradition and for the taste sensation it provides at meals in the company of good friends. Now we're looking to create some new traditions around mixed cocktails, in bars or whenever new and old friends and family members come together.

Since 2018, O.P. Anderson is made in the brand new O.P. Anderson Distillery in the town of Sundsvall in northern Sweden. Here, state-of-the-art equipment is used side by side with shining copper stills and ancient oak barrels.

We're also on a journey toward zero waste while always keeping our original and traditional Sundsvall crafted O.P. Anderson taste. Read about our sustainability efforts.

O.P. Anderson Red Logo