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O.P. Anderson Original Aquavit

This organic Swedish aquavit is Sweden's most sold aquavit. It is spiced with caraway, anise and fennel suiting savory dishes. It has been aged in oak for a minimum of 6 months which gives it a light yellow colour and makes it the optimal aquavit for both cocktails & food pairing.

The original recipe dates from 1891, when Carl August Anderson launched O.P. Anderson – an aquavit named after his father Olof Petter. O.P. Anderson Original is made at the O.P. Anderson Distillery in Sundsvall, Sweden. 

O.P. Anderson Aquavit has won numerous awards as well as several gold medals in the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition.

All ingredients of this product are natural and organic.

Food Pairing

Fat & salty food.  O.P. Anderson Aquavit works well with savory dishes - such as a heavy pizza or even a dim sum soup. 

Grilled beef or anything with a burnt surface in general.  A grilled steak or why not an aubergine needs something to co-op with the char. This is where the aging process comes in & meets up. The charred wood meets the charred produce and helps one another to bring forth that fresh feel rather than the burnt flavour.

Nordic cuisine In Sweden, O.P. Anderson Aquavit is originally enjoyed as a chilled snaps to accompany traditional Swedish food such as salty fish, seafood & Nordic cuisine in general.

Signature cocktail: Olof Palme

This is a Swedish riff on the classic cocktail, Fidel Castro. Changing up the Cuban rum for the original Swedish aquavit makes this a long refreshing drink where the true hero shines through,  yeah that’s right, THE BOOZE! Check recipe here.

O.P. Anderson Red Logo