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O.P. Anderson Björk Aquavit combines the signature spices of O.P. Anderson - caraway, anise and fennel - with birch buds, birch bap, lemon zest and juniper berries making this a bit more subtle aquavit. It was Released in October 2018 for the re-opening of the National Museum of Sweden in Stockholm. Björk means birch in Swedish, which explains the name of this new, interesting aquavit.

All ingredients of this product are natural and organic.


Charcuterie and hard cheese is the perfect match for this clear simple aquavit. The O.P. Anderson Björk Aquavit is a bit lighter in flavour compared to the rest of the family making it the perfect match for inviting the Swedish subois to the table & really get that foresty birch feel.CharcuterieAny dried aged and salty meat works like a charm here. Stay away from overly fatty alternatives. If you ever had a cut that you might have found too salty, pop a bottle of O.P. Björk and try again..Hard CheeseParmesan, Gruyere or why not even a Comté? Delicate but powerful cheeses that can be easily ran over by both an acidic red wine or even by a light and crispy white wine. The combination of birch & lemon lifts a lighter side of the cheese - whereas the juniper and caraway takes care of the more fatty parts.


If you like dry martinis, try one with a Nordic twist including Birch Sap, Birch buds & the original Swedish aquavit! Check recipe here.

Name: O.P. Anderson Björk Aquavit Category: Aquavit Alcohol vol: 37,5% Taste: Crisp & elegant with blond notes of birch wood adding a clear Nordic terroir but still with caraway in front. How is it made: O.P. Anderson Björk Aquavit is made at the O.P. Anderson Distillery in Sundsvall, Sweden. The O.P. Anderson Björk is made with a slightly milder O.P. Anderson base of spices (caraway, anise and fennel). To this we have added birch buds, birch sap, lemon & juniper. All of the spices are then distilled to extract the taste and aged six months in oak barrels before bottling. Packaging type: glass bottle Country of origin: Sweden

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