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O.P. Anderson Klar 80cl Bottle with Oysters

O.P. Anderson Klar Aquavit is a clear and fresh aquavit, made of carefully chosen organic spices. It is seasoned to fit particularly well with fish and sellfish. It is an easy stepping stone into the world of aquavit! Also, it is the only aquavit in the O.P. Anderson family where dill plays a main role.

All ingredients of this product are natural and organic.

Name: O.P. Anderson Klar Aquavit Category: Aquavit Alcohol vol: 40% Taste: O.P. Klar has notes of dill and lemon peel with foundation of classical O.P. Anderson spices caraway, anise and fennel. How is it made: O.P. Anderson Klar Aquavit is made at the O.P. Anderson Distillery in Sundsvall, Sweden. The organic spices are distilled to extract the taste and aged six months in oak barrels before bottling. O.P. Klar Aquavit anchors its origin from the west coast, where spirits maker Carl August Anderson launched O.P. Anderson in Gothenburg in 1891. Country of origin: Sweden


The very popular use of fresh dill in Swedish cuisine make our food pairing easy on home turf, but how should you think with your local food & why? Pairing food with O.P. Klar the ground rules are simple: Shellfish or basically anything that can breathe under water and as mentioned before – anything green.

Seafood When pairing with seafood, the more raw the better. Sashimi oysters or lightly cured salmon are perfect matches to this dill-flavoured aquavit. The light & slightly sweet taste profile of O.P. Anderson Klar really takes care of those natural salty flavours without overstepping any boundaries.

Green The combo of green & green is of course already notorious but it is worth mentioning once more. Shiso leaf, fresh coriander, cucumber. You name it! Why not throw all of them in a mix with a fresh bowl of ceviche to match the two pairing categories of O.P. Anderson Klar Aquavit. Skål!


In cocktails, O.P. Klar works with everything that is green or as a direct substitute for gin.

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